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How to Keep Your AC in Tip-Top Shape: 5 Easy Steps

Although your Air conditioner is something that you don’t think about every day, it’s important to keep it in good condition, especially in a climate as we have here in Wilmington, NC. This can help with lowering your utility bills and making sure that your home is at a comfortable temperature throughout the summer. Here are 5 simple steps for how you can keep your Wilmington AC in tip-top shape this summer.

1. Keep a Maintenance Schedule

Make sure that you set up an appointment with your local Wilmington AC company, Anderson Air. This ensures that your AC is inspected and that the filters are changed every year or every three months. During peak season in the summer months, your air conditioning needs to work harder and could have some additional wear and tear. Remove Old Filter You want to make sure that you have a new filter every few months. An old filter can allow mold and bacteria to grow inside your AC unit. This can create mold in the ducts, vents, or wherever the air is coming from. Eliminate Odors Odor inside your AC unit could cause issues with your HVAC system. To eliminate odor, open the vents inside your AC unit. Try to keep vents open in order to let air flow through your AC unit.

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2. Check Your Filter

Your air handler filter in the AC system removes dust, dirt, and grime from the air that goes in. If it is dirty, then you will have to clean it or have it replaced. There are a few different types of filters that you can use for your AC system. There are usually four types of filters that are used in residential air conditioning units: water, activated carbon, foam, and textile filters. A textile filter should be inspected and changed yearly. The water filter should last about 10 years, activated carbon filters are a little longer lasting than that.

3.Change the Air Conditioner Filters

Your AC filters are responsible for removing dust and allergens from your system. There are different kinds of filters that will work for different AC systems. They are designed to clean and filter the air. If you don’t have the time to check your air filters on a daily basis, you can check them when they are dirty. You can also do this by making sure the air inside your house is the same temperature all of the time. When your house is warm, you need to let your AC air conditioner run more. Also when it’s cold, your Wilmington AC will run less but your furnace may run more.. You need to change your air conditioner filters once or twice a month.

4. Inspect for Leaks in your Wilmington AC Unit

Keep your AC unit at the proper temperature by inspecting your unit for leaks and leaking hoses. These leaks can create an unbearable environment for your family and could even lead to health risks. Leaks can be an issue with the compressor, evaporator coil, condenser, thermostat, or others. The easiest way to find leaks is with an insulated probe that you can buy from most hardware stores or online retailers. It is also helpful to have an HVAC professional come out to your house to look over your AC unit and be sure that there are no other issues. If you’re unable to locate any leaks, check the grille on your AC unit and make sure that it is clean and closed properly.

5. Clean Your AC Unit

The first thing to remember when you are cleaning your AC unit is to take it off of the wall so that you can make sure there is no dirt, dust, or debris on the unit itself. If there is any debris, it will spread to the filter and clean it more than it should be. This can cause the filter to get clogged up and ultimately result in an unnecessary repair. Your AC is not only a cooling tool, but it’s a humidifier as well. You should make sure to run an air quality test through your air vent, especially if you live in a dry climate where your air is drier. This will ensure that you are bringing in the right amount of air and not drying out your humidifier too much.


Keep an eye on your AC all year round. Make sure you get your AC serviced regularly. The AC system should last for a multiple years. When you have to buy a new one make sure that it’s a good one that will last longer than one you have now. And remember to change the filters monthly to keep the air fresh and clean. Contact Anderson Air to learn about how we can help you with your Wilmington AC needs.

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