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Broken air conditioner, the office is too hot
Tips for Air Conditioner Repair in Wilmington, NC

As one of the most expensive systems in your home, it is crucial that your air conditioner operates at its max efficiency and does not require repair. This is extremely important when living in a coastal area like Wilmington, NC, due to high humidity and scorching hot summers. The HVAC system is a complex machine composed of many precision-engineered parts that, if one component needs repair, can end up costing you thousands for a replacement system if the issue is not addressed quickly. You can use these tips below to ensure that you will not break a sweat in your home and maintain a comfortable house all summer long.

How to Stay On Top of Air Conditioning Maintenance

As most people know, every year, it is recommended that you make an appointment with your local heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor to ensure that your air conditioner is operating optimally and safely. Many factors, including outside temperature and humidity, can affect your air conditioner’s efficiency. It is essential to go to your HVAC contractor each year to determine whether or not your air conditioning system needs to be serviced. Some common air conditioning system failures can be either a malfunction in the equipment or an efficient maintenance schedule to keep the units running effectively.

Air conditioning master preparing to install new air conditioner. drilling the wall.
What You Should Know About Your AC Filter

A much smaller part of your air conditioning system than you might think is something you should be keeping an eye on the most. This filter is attached to your heating and cooling unit and helps prevent dirt and particles from entering the system and destroying its effectiveness. When your air conditioning system is running, it can take in quite a bit of dirt, dust, and debris. A dirty air conditioning filter will cause the unit to work harder and burn out more quickly than it otherwise would. The moment you notice that your air conditioning system has problems, it is time to check the filter. If it looks dirty and needs to be replaced, call your local air conditioning service to schedule an appointment.

Tips for Spotting HVAC Problems

Check Your Maintenance Record and Look for Signs It is vital that your air conditioner is maintained correctly and that your technician understands your system. If you have not inspected your unit recently or had your warranty claimed, you will likely notice many issues with it. These issues can include damaged blowers, fuses, controls, hoses, and more. Ensure that all of these parts work properly and are functioning to their maximum capacity before getting a technician to help you. This will not only prevent problems but will help you save thousands of dollars in unnecessary air conditioner repair costs. Get a Third-Party Inspection Another good way to ensure that your air conditioner is not only working correctly but efficiently is to get a third-party inspection.

Get Rid of the Air Conditioner Odor

The air conditioning compressor will pick up a potent combination of odor and dirt from the surrounding areas during the hot summer months. They are not meant to be in direct contact with your living space, so make sure to vacuum out the hose and filter to make sure you are not breathing in the disgusting smell of the outdoors when you are trying to cool your home. The air conditioner compressor has a thin rubber hose that is not meant to be left in direct contact with your home, but when it is, it becomes a breeding ground for the dirt and bacteria from the surrounding environment. Inspect The Unit The more severe issue is if the unit is overheating, which will require you to make the drastic move of calling a repair technician to your home.

AC Repair Wilmington NC and Tips for Keeping It Running Smoothly

Contact a Home Air Conditioning Contractor in Wilmington, NC: As a large coastal city in North Carolina, Wilmington is a prime market for HVAC repair. It has one of the top-rated HVAC repair companies in the state that specialize in all types of AC repair and replacement needs. Contact Anderson Air to schedule an appointment today. Ensure your AC runs smoothly and efficiently: One of the first ways to ensure your HVAC system runs smoothly is by verifying that it is installed correctly in the first place. Contact us to discuss your home’s AC condition and find out the best way to keep it running smoothly.


Modern equipment and smart repairs will help you save money while maintaining a comfortable home. This is a simple fix that will take only a few minutes to take care of, so don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with your local HVAC professionals at Anderson Air and get started with your summer upgrade! HVAC Technician in Wilmington, NC – We specialize in repairing a wide variety of air conditioning systems, from Carrier to all modern systems.

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