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Are you In need of Air Conditioner Service in Leland, NC? Think about the last time you got your AC unit serviced? It is easy to forget that the comfortable, cool lifestyle you are living is because of a gadget within your home that requires attention. Commercial buildings also have AC units that ensure the building remains at optimum temperature. This will also require regular servicing.

As a responsible building manager and homeowner, you need to ensure that you receive proper servicing on time. Fortunately, you do not have to do it yourself. AC serving is best left to professionals who know their way around the different parts of the unit.

We are such a professional service, inspired by our community to offer top-quality air conditioner services. Anderson Air is a team of experts who have dedicated years to provide residents of Leland, NC, and its surrounding areas with everything related to HVAC. Part of that includes ensuring that your AC is in proper condition.

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Is It Necessary to Service AC Every Year?

We as experts believe that it is necessary to service your air conditioner every year. It is the opinion of many experts in the industry. Spring is the right time to get your AC serviced before it gets too hot. This is also the time that the air conditioner is turned on regularly. No matter what type of system you have, you need regular services at least once a year. Some industrial-sized AC units may even require servicing twice a year. To find your local air conditioner service provider click here.

Benefits of Regular AC Servicing

Some people remain skeptical about AC servicing. However, there are several benefits of regular Ac serving. With our help, you will get to enjoy:

  • More minor repairs and low cost of repairs. At some point, your AC unit will need repairs. If you are up to date on servicing, you will spend less on repairs because the damage will not be extensive.
  • Great energy efficiency. A well-functioning AC unit will use less energy to maintain optimum room temperatures. This means that you will spend less money on energy bills.
  • Longer operational life. Regular servicing of equipment ensures that you get longer operating life. There is a limit to how long an AC unit will last, but regular servicing ensures that you get the most out of your AC unit before that day comes.
Can AC Be Used Without Servicing?

This is a normal question we get from clients everywhere. It is important that you know what the consequences of not servicing your AC are. Most devices will start to cause problems if they are used without servicing. The same goes for AC units. Experts have stated multiple times that lack of servicing will bring many problems to your unit.

You can use your AC without servicing, but you can expect a few shortcomingsDust accumulation is what you will have to face without proper servicing. One of the functions of AC units is to filter the air in the room. They remove dust and expel it as fresh air. Without serving, dust accumulates, and this will affect the overall function of the AC unit. It will work harder to provide cool air in the room, translating to higher energy bills.

If you have any questions or concerns about having your current air conditioner or heat pump serviced contact your Wilmington NC HVAC service professionals at Anderson Air for a consultation and recommendation on what will best fit your needs.

Contact Us for All Your Air Conditioning and Heating Needs, Such as Replacement, Servicing and Repair Today.