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Do you need HVAC Repair in Myrtle Grove? When the weather starts to change, you are going to need full use of your HVAC system. Unfortunately, this cannot be possible if your units are not in the best shape. Most people do not even know that they need repair services until it is too late. Because you do not want to replace the units too soon, you should consider repair services. HVAC system repairs are a great way to ensure that your home is always in optimum temperatures, no matter the weather outside.

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Signs That You Need HVAC Repair Services

If you have not seen the signs yet, it does not mean that you are not responsible enough. Checking HVAC systems is not exactly a daily task that every homeowner goes through. It is normal to forget. However, it is a good idea to check the basics before the weather changes. If you have been experiencing health issues that persist while you are in the house, you should run through the systems. Look out for the following:

  • Higher energy bills. If you have been living in your home for a while, you have a good idea of the average energy bills per month. A sudden spike in your energy bills without adjustments is a sign of malfunction in one of the systems. Often the system is working harder to keep up with the demand. Hence you will receive a higher energy bill each month.
  • You have cold/warm spots. The purpose of a sound HVAC system is to heat or cool your home evenly. A malfunctioning system will cause some areas to be cooler or warmer than others. This could be because of loose ducts, uneven air transfer, motor, and fan malfunction, among others. Temperature differences are a clear sign that you need HVAC repair.
  • Noises from systems. No, your AC unit should not be rattling every time you turn it on. Neither should the heating system nor air ducts. Rattling means damaged hardware. High-pitched whistling means blockage and clogged filters. A hum or low buzz means the fan motor or capacitor is damaged. Whatever the noise, your ears are letting you know you should schedule for repairs.
  • Heightened symptoms and allergies. If your HVAC system is not working well, it could harbor various contaminants that will heighten allergy and respiratory disease symptoms. From pollen to dust and even pet dander, your symptoms are an indication that you need experts to visit your home.
  • Leaking. Sure, air conditioners produce condensation, but it is not so much that it leaks into your house. Also, the humidity should be under control thanks to the HVAC system. Therefore, any unprecedented leaks with no explanation could be a sign that you need HVAC repairs. Look out for pooling around these systems to be sure.
  • Foul odor. Lastly, a musty smell coming from your HVAC systems is a sign of mold contamination. You could also notice an electrical smell that translates to faulty wiring and malfunctioning parts.

Don’t wait until it is time to replace. Keep these warning signs in mind and come to Anderson Air for high-quality services. We are reliable, affordable, and trustworthy. 

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