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HVAC Maintenance

It is an unfortunate reality that many homeowners believe that changing filters is enough maintenance for HVAC systems. However, this is not the case because HVAC systems are more complex and require professional HVAC maintenance in Wilmington NC on a regular basis.

While some people believe that routine HVAC maintenance is a waste of time, we can confidently tell you that it is not. It is a smart investment that will keep your HVAC systems running smoothly. It will also help to identify places that require repairs and re-tuning. Additionally, HVAC routine maintenance will help professionals identify potential problem areas and input measures to prevent them from escalating. Therefore, you should schedule routine HVAC maintenance in Wilmington NC with a reliable service provider.

Concerning this, a responsible homeowner will show concern over the process. After all, you will let strangers into your home for routine maintenance that you may not fully understand. For this reason, we offer insight on what to expect during this routine maintenance. Hopefully, it will ease your mind and boost confidence in the process.

Two HVAC machines
HVAC Inspections

The first thing that the professionals will do is assess the parts of the HVAC system. This is inclusive of indoor and outdoor units, plus electrical connections, filters, and thermostats. Thermostats assessment ensures that it is functioning well and keeping temperatures optimum. If you have an auto-setting on the thermostat, the technician will ensure it is working correctly. The technician will also inspect the general operation of the system, lubrication, electrical connections, outdoor unit inspection, and more. The goal of the inspection is to ensure that the HVAC is functioning well.

Air Conditioner Cleaning

The next thing that the technician will do is clean the various parts of the HVAC system. If it requires cleaning, the technician will get to it. The outdoor units are often littered with leaves and other debris. These could affect its operation, so cleaning is an important step. The indoor units will have dust, dead cells, and more around them. Ductwork will need a thorough cleaning to remove dirt, dead cells, and sometimes mold. Removing the dirt and debris around the system will significantly improve function. What you think is malfunction could be the effects of built-up grime. 

HVAC Repair and Replacement

Lastly, come the repairs and replacement. Often routine maintenance will reveal places that require repairs and replacement for proper function. The technician will have already found these places and so repairs can begin. Should any parts need replacing, the technician will also take care of this. Additionally, the technician will change your filters tighten connections, adjust thermostat settings, and correct fluid levels. A good HVAC company like ourselves will offer great advice on caring for your system until the next time you visit.


That’s it! Doesn’t seem so bad now. This simple routine could easily extend the life of your HVAC system, reducing the need for constant repairs and replacement of parts. For a truly professional and wonderful experience, consider working with the skilled technicians of Anderson Air. We offer customized services and would love to be your go-to guy for all things HVAC. Contact us today to set up your appointment!

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