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HVAC Service and Annual Maintenance

There is nothing quite like being comfortable in your home. This is your safe space, and you appreciate all the little things that make it comfortable. One such thing is the proper function of your HVAC system. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are all essential parts of being indoors. They make your home habitable and ensure that you are comfortable despite what may be happening outdoors. Our HVAC Maintenance programs ensure this happens!

For this reasoning, you have to ensure that your HVAC system is running smoothly at all times. This means proper care and regular maintenance. Like any other system, your air conditioning and heating systems could break down at any point. One minute you are happy and comfortable; the next, you are sweating or freezing. Even if you have picked the most durable and energy-efficient model, regular service will ensure that it works well through the year.

Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance Through Our Priority One Maintenance Service Program

Annual HVAC maintenance and service is an essential activity for both commercial and residential buildings because:

It Improves Energy Efficiency

Over time, even the best systems will start to deteriorate and lag in function. This will reduce energy efficiency, increasing your energy bills. With proper maintenance, however, you will improve your system’s energy efficiency.

It Will Improve the Lifespan

Unfortunately, these systems do not last forever. It will give in at some point, but the goal is to ensure that you get log use before the day comes. Regular maintenance and service is the correct way to ensure that your system gives you the right amount of time of service before it needs replacement.

It Will Improve Function

Has your air conditioning been underwhelming you? Not working as it did when it was new? A little HVAC service can help with that. Over time, surrounding factors will affect these systems, hindering their function. Maintenance is a great way to ensure that they remain in proper function.

For Warranty Requirements

Another great reason to service HVAC is simply because your manufacture may require it in order for your warranty to apply.

It Will Keep Your Home Safe

Often homeowners may be away and come back to a system that is not working. Regular maintenance can prevent the likelihood of this happening.

Additional Benefits

Gold Program: 20 % discount on repairs, no overtime charge, priority service and inflation protection.

Silver Maintenance: 10% discount on repairs, no overtime charge, priority service

Precision Maintenance Procedures

Procedures include monitoring refrigerant pressure, test starting capabilities, test safety controls, clean or replace air filters (Available for purchase at contractor cost), cleaning and adjust blower components, measure for correct airflow, tighten electrical connections, measure volts/Amps, lubricate all moving parts, and adjust thermostat calibration.

Precision Maintenance Procedures Cont.

Additional procedures include clean the evaporator coil, clean the condensation drain, measure temperature difference. If applicable we will also clean and adjust burner assembly, clean ignition assembly, clean heat exchanger elements, monitor flue draft, and check CO2 detector.

What Can You Expect From an HVAC Service Check?

Heating and Furnace Services

This inspection sees that the technician checks and replaces your furnace filter if necessary. The technician will also test the boiler or furnace. After this, he will conduct a general inspection of the exterior and interior parts, looking for signs of wear or potential damage in the future. Next, the technician will inspect and clean the interior component, including the ignition assembly, blower, motors, and pressure switches. The inspector should also check your thermostat and measure the power consumed by heating systems to ensure that it is fair and the best it can be. The technician should also check for carbon monoxide leaks while ensuring that ventilation is adequate throughout the building. Any boilers (including the controls, safeties, pump, low water cutoff, and sight glass) will also be checked.

Air Conditioner Services

This is a thorough examination of your air conditioner to ensure it is in optimum condition. The technician will examine both the indoor and outdoor components of the system. The technician will measure coolant levels and replace the lost coolant. Other parts that your technician will check include safety controls, circuits, drain lines, all caps and valves, and the drain line. A good technician will replace the HVAC filter to prevent dust and debris from entering your air conditioner. Finally, the technician will inspect your thermostat and leave you with useful advice on caring for your air conditioning system.

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